Children’s Dental Health


Starting your child’s dental healthcare at the right age is one of the most important things you can do for your child’s general health. At Family Dental Associates, we focus on being caring, gentle, and making sure your child is comfortable at all times. We talk to your child and make sure he or she knows exactly what we are doing and why.

At Family Dental Associates, we take extra care of our little patients and we make sure to let them know that they, and their smiles, are special.



Recommended Care

1 week+

Begin cleaning your baby’s gums with a clean gauze pad after feeding

First tooth eruption

Begin brushing with a child-specific toothbrush and water. Do not use toothpaste unless specifically advised by your Pediatrician or Dentist.

Before 1 year old

All children should have a dental health checkup by 1 year of age. It is recommended that you visit your child’s dentist within 6 months of first coming in.

1-2 yrs. old

Child should be having regular dental health checkups at least once every 6-months. Continue brushing with only water unless otherwise advised by your dentist.

2 years+

Continue with dental checkups every 4-6 months. Begin using children’s fluoride toothpaste for brushing. Be sure to teach your child to spit out the toothpaste and rinse with water.

5-18 yrs. old

Children should visit their dentist 2 times a year between these ages to ensure proper development and good dental health.


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